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We create apps that encourage creativity and social play. Devices like the iPad enable us to discover new dimensions of interactivity compared to traditional toys. Our award winning apps are developed with professionals in education.

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Janos Kovats


Co-Founder of Cribster, where produces the games for the new medium which he used to play as a child with his brothers and sisters. He has been coding since he was 12, hikes, sails and travels to foreign countries.

Victoria Herrmann

Community Manager

Victoria did her bachelor’s degree in Educational Science at the LMU in Munich and currently studies for her master’s degree at the Freie Universität of Berlin. She’s very fond of cats and likes to play computer games.

Oliver Hengstenberg


Cribster is Oliver’s 2nd startup after making computergames with bio-feedback. He was a mobile software consultant for small and big size software companies. He has a diploma in computer science and loves to innovate. Currently he’s trying himself with ski touring and he is a dog person.

Consultants & Partners

Consultants in Education

Content Partners

We work together with environment and animal protection organization such as WWF (World Wide Fund For Nature) and WDC (Whales and Dolphins Conservation) and other charity organizations like World Vision, to draw kids' and families' attention to relevant issues beyond the Paint World app.